At Curve Couture, we want you to love what’s in your closet because of how your clothes make you look and feel. We can help you get rid of the ‘I have nothing to wear” dilemma, especially for plus-size and curvaceous women. Your clothes should enhance your own beauty – not cover it up.

Meet The Owner

deirdre2Curve Couture is the brainchild of Glamazon, Deirdre Mick. Deirdre has enjoyed a full life spanning successful careers in the theatre, advertising, and real estate. Throughout her careers two things have remained constant in her life, her sense of style and her size 12+ body.

She has spent countless hours in boutiques and department stores searching for sophisticated, stylish outfits that are comfortable and yet still show off her curves. There is nothing she loves more than being pampered in an upscale boutique with unique merchandise and personal service!

Unfortunately, all she could buy at those boutiques were accessories and shoes. Frustrated by being told "we don't have your size" Deirdre decided to create a store here in San Diego that provides the boutique experience she craved for real women, size 8 and above.

At Curve Couture Deirdre's passion for fashion is evident in every buying trip she makes. She's taking the hottest fashions from around the globe off the runways and onto the racks at the Curve Couture Boutique. Designers from France, Germany & Canada have Deirdre particularly excited this season.

Our Mission
It is our passion and mission at Curve Couture to provide you the sophisticated style you need to feel confident and beautiful. Because we know how frustrating it is to find high-quality, edgy apparel size 8 and above, we want to make it easier, by offering fashions that are upscale but also chic.

It is also our mission to pamper you with a unique boutique experience that combines personal concierge service with a passion to meet your highest expectations.
Our Fashions
Whatever the occasion, Curve Couture has the looks to take you there in style.

Need trendy jeans and a tee for a day kicking back with friends? No problem. Your best friend’s daughter is getting married. Of course we have chic, glamorous cocktail dresses perfect for the occasion. How about dinner with six of your closest friends? Set the trend in our cutting edge and sophisticated looks hot off the runway. And who says work needs to mean boring black suits? Curve Couture has outfits with the panache to get their attention and the sophistication to command their respect.

And accessories…the crowning jewels to every outfit...

Naturally, Curve Couture features a wide array of trendy jewelry, purses, and belts to compliment all your outfits.

Life takes you in so many directions. Curve Couture will outfit you in style for your latest adventure, whatever it may be.


Curve Couture is located in the Cedros Design District in beautiful Solana Beach, minutes from San Diego. Stroll our charming street lined with fashion and home furnishing boutiques, art galleries, and other unique stores. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

415 South Cedros Ave. Suite 160, Solana Beach CA 92075 |  858.847.9100


415 South Cedros Ave. Suite 160, Solana Beach CA 92075 | 858.847.9100 | info@curve-couture.com
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:30AM to 5:00PM | Sunday 12:00 NOON to 5:00PM